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Digital India aims to empower the people with knowledge, skill, access to opportunities and more importantly, to deliver better governance and Promising Lakhs Of Jobs.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched an ambitious initiative to digitise India by making Internet access available to over two lakh villages by 2019, promoting e-governance, e-banking, e. education and e-health, and transforming India into a knowledge economy.

Covering issues ranging from cyber security and promoting startups to digital highways and "Design in India," Modi said that his government will invest Rs4.5 lakh crores in the Digital India program which will generate 18 lakh jobs.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that..
  • I dream of a Digital India where the world looks at India for the next big idea.
  • I dream of a Digital India where government is open, and governance is transparent.
  • I dream of a digital India where 1.2 billion connected Indians drive innovation,promising help to all those who were working in Startups.
  • Design In India is as important as Make In India.

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Key job creations will be in the following categories:
  • Skill training of 1 crore students in towns and villages for IT jobs: for example, job skills in BPOs, e-services (like e-commerce). Employment opportunities will be increased as well as training aspect will be focused on under ‘Skill India’ program. Focus will be more on IT training.
  • Electronics manufacturing. More manufacturing units = more employment opportunity. E-commerce will boost manufacturing in India- Indirectly.
  • Education, through e-education via MOOCs, and free wifi in schools. Not technically a direct sector in which to get jobs, but being educated sure helps in getting jobs elsewhere. Digital education - Skill conversions and acquisition.
  • The Digital India infrastructure creation is itself a major employment generator. Digital banks and payment methodology. Digital news - content creation and distribution. Maintenance of it, like any other tech mogul, will require skilled personnel. Therefore, more jobs.
  • Entrepreneurship. For every 10 people who access the internet, one of them lands a job, and another starts his own business.
  • Internet access, for knowledge dissemination, is how many get jobs, and which all of us gain from to lead more meaningful lives. Internet security and protection.

These are not just ways of creating more jobs, but also in creating better jobs (less under-employment, better working-conditions, more empowered work-forces, etc.)

Tata Group will hire 60,000 IT professionals, this year. K.M. Birla said that the Aditya Birla Group would invest Rs44,500 crores in next five years in the infra and digital space.

Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that Government's Digital India project will create over five crore jobs once it is complete.

IT gives employment to about 30 lakh people. “Once Digital India becomes reality, we can give jobs to five crore plus people," Prasad said.

Digital India is an umbrella programme of the government comprising various projects worth about Rs 1 lakh crore to transform the country

There is boom in e-commerce sector, which is pushing development of logistics and his ministry is working on scheme to open BPOs in small towns and rural areas.Besides, government's effort to ramp up electronics manufacturing will create these jobs.

Once BPOs start opening up in mofussil towns, there will be computer training for which computer centres will come up that too will create jobs. We are running ambitious program of Make In India which will have to be supply.

We have got 4,000 startups in India. Many of them are back from Silicon valley, making their own products and making foreign companies run for money. I see they have potential to become Google or Facebook of India. Even Google and Facebook are becoming Indian by developing content in regional languages.

Major Advantages Digitalization:

  • Creation of Digital Infrastructure and Electronic Manufacturing in Native India.
  • Digital Empowerment of Native Indian People.
  • Delivery of all Government Services electronically (E-Governance).
  • A Digital Identification which will verify the end user.
  • A Mobile for worldwide access to all services.
  • A Bank account for Immediate Benefit Transfers of subsidies and payments.
  • The program also aims to eliminate all electronics imports from foreign countries by 2020 and make India a electronics manufacturing super power.

Other Advantages :

  • It will help in decreasing crime if applied on whole.
  • It will help in getting things done easily.
  • It will help in decreasing documentation.
  • Some of the services which will be provided through this desire effort are Digital Locker, e-education, e-health, e-sign and nationwide scholarship portal.
  • It will be a boost to industry; both large and small enterprises.
Most importantly, Digital India aims to make governance transparent, accessible and good. Good governance is deliverance from many economic and social deprivations, and that is the mission of Digital India.
India Startup Jobs
The recent decade has witnessed the world taking a new sphere in the corporate world by means of start-ups. With the USA, UK and INDIA leading the Start-Up front as far as the recent studies have posed, these companies are rendering a cutting-edge competition towards the existing corporate giants. While that is said, it also opens doors to a plethora of job opportunities that are a respite to the creative geniuses that are budding in the recent educational front. Giving a run for the money as avidly as possible, these startups are not shy of offering jobs at par or superior than existing MNCs and corporate giants.

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India expects to foresee over 1,00,000 new start ups, valued at over $600 Billion and more than 4 million job openings within the next 10 years, said Mr. Mohandas Pai, former CFO, Infosys, in a recent interview with Rediff. India has seen a constant growth in the Start up sector with a substantial growth from 5000 or less Start Ups in the year 2014 to the current number of 20,000 plus Start ups, the number only growing subsequently.

This leaves an almost open ground for Jobs that are highly versatile, demanding and in-fact what is sought by thousands of budding freshers and also MNC hierarchs who are on a search spree for a career change.

India Start Up Jobs, a virtual platform launched by Founder Ashok Dudhat, in June 2015 is a Start-up meant for Start-ups! Where the niche of the Start-up industry are on a look out for promising talent, India Start Up Jobs is a multi-way portal that connects potential job seekers with their dream start up company.

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Helping You Find Your Ideal Candidates
  • Start ups now can post jobs at one platform to be distributed on all job portals.
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Candidates and Job seekers, be it freshers or experienced professionals looking for a career change can reach out the portal and have a first hand access to a reservoir of job opportunities that promise career escalation and a promising financial status. Following five simple steps of application at India Start up jobs gives you the freedom to choose a career you love!

Good talent is always looked out for and the recent salary at senior levels has crossed over $2,00,000! So do not wait up, reach out and find you dream job or candidate now!
India Startup Jobs aim to help Indian entrepreneurs of newly established businesses find the most qualified team member(s) and get their projects done by highly efficient professionals from India and a global pool of talents; thus, boosting their business significantly. The high-quality job portal eliminates the time-consuming job seeking, tracking, and hiring processes and matches every job giver with the right job seeker.

India Startup Jobs offers locally-based startup businesses a unique opportunity to grow their business by finding and hiring the most qualified candidates through a single-step, user-friendly process. That way, new business owners can save considerable time from having to go over numerous resumes to find the right person for the job required and money spent on purchasing recruitment software while candidates can easily connect with much-promising businesses with enormous potential.

According to statistics, 40% of businesses fail within the first year and nine in ten entrepreneurs that start a business fail during their first five years of operation. One of the principle reasons for this is having a poor management team. If the work done in building, implementing, and promoting a product or service is weak, and if customer satisfaction does not meet the expected standards (at least), startups are doomed to colossal failure. That aside, a weak management team builds weak teams below them, which leads to important revenue lost. Eventually new businesses run out of cash and go bankrupt. However, newly established companies cannot afford complex HR processes, but they do need to keep application tracking records without spending enormous amounts to recruitment agencies or any other highly-paid third party to find the right people and build great team.This is where India Startup Jobs come in and make the difference.

India Startup Jobs has created a platform specifically designed for innovative SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) in India, and focuses on:

  • Ensuring startups find the best, most qualified candidate(s) for their project.
  • Offering an easy, one-click recruitment and job finding process, saving both parties time and, of course, money.
  • Helping the local communities fight unemployment by giving skilled Indian professionals the opportunity to get a job relevant to their skills.
  • Reaching job seekers on social networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing, Google+, among others.
  • Allowing talented people from all over the globe to work remotely and contribute to business growth.
  • Providing startups with a remarkable opportunity to have their business running 24/7.

“Our goal is to help both SMEs and talented individuals so that startups can flourish. For that reason, we implement strict application acceptance rules, and each resume undergoes meticulous review. India Startup Jobs is proud to start an innovative project, created to give new entrepreneurs a time-saving, all-in-one solution to their most urgent needs and issues and a valuable helping hand to succeed.”