• Logistics/Marine Transport Department – Export/Import Division
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    • 1 Years and above
    • More than 200,000 ₹
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Job Description

Logistics/Marine Transport Department – Export/Import Division to administers all import and export of goods and supervise the delivery of all goods and manage the distribution of export crud-oil to various geographical locations efficiently.

– Oversee handling of all goods and ensure safety in all transportation and design cost-effective methods for same and analyze best means of transport for all products as per customer requirement in coordination with a manager.

– Maintain subject matter expertise in all import and export operations and evaluate all company businesses and provide require classification for same.

– Collaborate with senior management and ensure compliance to all trade regulations and changes and provide training to all company employees for all import processes.

– Perform all internal and external audits and perform required prior disclosures for all processes and supervise the efficient working of all external agents such as freight forwarders and customer brokers.

– Monitor implementation of all department operations and ensure compliance to all regulations for department and subsidiaries and adhere to all standards for import and export goods and establish all targets and streamline processes to incorporate all government regulations.

– Design all compliance forms and templates and prepare required reports and maintain an efficient import and export classification databases and ensure accuracy in same and ensure compliance to all regulations.

– Assist all companies in import and export operations and implement trade agreement programs and maintain internal controls for same.

-A lot of traveling to our International Facilities in Austria, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Madagascar, Brazil, Kuwait, Netherlands, Poland, China, Lebanon, Kenyan, etc. is involved this position, hence, why OPEC must need to acquire Diplomatic Passport for all selected employees.

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