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We are looking for Information Technologist/Database Manager

To advise epidemiologists, laboratory scientist, and other technical staff to update, develop, and maintain the public health infectious disease surveillance and/or research database systems of the MoHP. Duties include:

Recommend utilization of software programs such as Microsoft Access, Visual C, Visual Basic C, and other data packages in the performance of daily activities.
Recommend Open Net Visual Basic and .NET and QM interfaces to be used on digital data collection tools (e.g., PDAs & Smartphone and Tablets Machines, etc.) in English and Arabic.

Advise on the creation of new features and data modules to surveillance and research questionnaire applications on the digital data collection tools (e.g., smart devices).

Aid in the training, deployment, and troubleshooting for the use of digital data collection tools in public health surveillance and research sites.

Make recommendations on the improvement and management of the flow of data from public health surveillance and research sites through the use of SQL and MS Access application systems and tools.

Report monthly activities; this report should include who, what, where, when, issues identified, recommendations, and further actions.

Responsible for server maintenance, and hardware routine check-ups

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