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Job Description

Here you will develop processes and structures to support our sales and project management people in their daily job and expand these systems to our other offices. You will oversee 1-2 persons who will support you.

This is a full time position.

Primary responsibilities

Actively support the daily work of our sales and project managers
Develop processes to ease the workflow for the sales team in closing sales and onboarding new customers to support our rapid growth
Create and maintain sales relevant materials
Ensure that our sales team has a steady stream of pre-qualified leads
Track our sales activities
Support existing clients, in particular 3D printing services
Ensure that our clients receive the best possible service from us

About GAM Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

GAM is a creative and resourceful international software development company that offers its unique and highly innovative IT development solutions to small businesses as well as large international enterprises. We have our headquarters located in India, Germany and USA.Our team of highly skilled and expert professionals has long years of experience of serving information technological services to our clients that assist them to get success in their businesses. In the recent years, we have become the Europe’s one of the best quality outsourcing companies that works for rapid development of offshore/nearshore IT services.We provide our intellectual and technical expertise to our clients to achieve the high standards of their business. Our prime concern is to recognize the various methods by which the true needs of our customers can be justified. Our highly skilled and experienced professionals motivate our clients to expand their business by creating their own IT department and reach the goals of success.We always focus on the solutions that fulfill the basic requirements for the growth of both small businesses and large enterprises individually and offer our best quality IT services covering the entire spectrum to our clients at very reasonable prices. We provide our deep support to start-up software companies that enable them to reach their goals with small budgets.

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