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Customers Relationship Management Job Responsibilities. . .

The company customer relationship management consultants provide independent advice on solutions for managing customer service and customer relationships. Their aim is to help clients improve customer satisfaction with a consequent impact on revenue and profitability. Consultants achieve this by helping clients select the right CRM solution and providing project management and training services to ensure successful implementation.


CRM consultant analyzes every aspect of your customer relations. Consultants use analytic tools and processes to identify the interactions, channels and people who have the greatest impact on the quality of your customer relationships. The aim is to help you transform every aspect of customer experience and enhance customer satisfaction.

About Forbes Marshall Private Limited

Where even today term “flexitime” is still unheard in the manufacturing industry, Forbes Marshall initiated this concept 25 years back. And with time, the organization has gone ahead an extra mile every year, to make sure that employees enjoy fun environment at the workplace. Employees rank the company high on credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie. Office environment is friendly and communications are transparent and accessible, especially when it comes to female employee engagement, they have a special platform called “Apna Adda”. Forbes Marshall has over seven decades of experience building steam engineering and control instrumentation solutions.
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