• Senior Digital Marketer
    • Mumbai
    • 3 Years and above
    • 90,000 ₹- 100,000 ₹
    • Full Time
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Job Description

We are seeking ambitious, talented Head of Digital Marketing who thrive in a challenging, agile, high octane, culturally diverse and fun-loving environment. One who is highly motivated, creative individual with experience and a passion for developing strategies with current and future marketing goals of the organization. The opportunity will allow the individual to learn and experience new things, build skills and enhance network that are normally impossible in a corporate environment and be on a trajectory to exponential personal and professional growth!
The individual will work directly with the founder and CEO on the strategies for the digital campaigns on the mobile app, website and social media platforms.

Job Description
• Develop, execute and manage all aspects of the company’s marketing strategy across the following channels: Search, Social, Display & Remarketing
• Create and manage campaigns in Google AdWords, Facebook, etc
• Monitor and analyze cross-channel conversion data in order to optimize the media mix and identify new growth opportunities
• Identify high value customer segments and tailor online marketing content to attract and retain these customers while maximizing LTV
• Analyze campaign and mobile app performance to identify opportunities for growth
• Establish and monitor metrics to track campaign performance, targets and goals, including providing detailed ROI analysis and forecasting
• Manage, mentor and develop a team of marketing professionals to help meet strategic growth objectives
• Write and test strong ad copy
• Foster a culture of continuous improvement by developing and implementing a framework for testing

Skills required
• 3+ years of digital marketing experience (required)
• Substantial experience working with performance marketing metrics (CPM, CPI, CPA, CPC & LTV)
• Proven record managing a monthly app installs SEM budget & Facebook budget of over $10k+, focused on customer acquisition and retention
• Strong analytical background, with extensive experience in synthesizing data into actionable results
• Passion for online marketing and search in particular
• Strong leadership, interpersonal, and creative thinking capabilities
• Organized and detail oriented with excellent written and oral communication skills
• Keep up with the ever-evolving digital landscape and continually look for new

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