• Ayurveda Community Leader
    • Mumbai
    • 3 Years and above
    • More than 200,000 ₹
    • Full Time
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Job Description

We are looking for a highly driven Ayurveda Community Manager who is passionate about building and growing a community of Ayurveda Doctors. The candidate must atleast have a Bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda. This role is focused on building the community of Ayurveda doctors from the start. We are looking for a dynamic individual that is willing to work in a fast paced environment of a venture capital funded startup and is willing to hustle to achieve company goals quickly. This opportunity allows the individual to be at the forefront on how to build a world class community of Ayurveda doctors and what it takes to win in an entrepreneurial setting. It will allow the individual to learn and experience new things, build skills and networks that are normally impossible in a corporate environment and be on a trajectory to exponential personal and professional growth!
The individual will work directly with the founder and CEO and is responsible for onboarding Ayurveda practitioners and experts onto the AyurConnect platforms.

Essential Duties
• Ultimate objective is to be the face of AyurConnect in the Ayurveda Doctor’s community
• Ayurveda Doctors On board – Ideate and implement innovative ways to help grow our community and engage them by implementing innovative mechanisms and tools.
• Online and Offline Ayurveda Doctor’s Interaction – Getting Ayurveda Doctors engaged and building our community is a significant part of the role.
• Conceptualizing, coordinating, and hosting unique and memorable Ayurveda Doctors Meet-up experiences.
• Attend community events to be able to network and spread the word and get Ayurveda Doctors on-boarded.
• Manage projects / lead specific community initiatives – Lead certain important aspects of AyurConnect Community strategy including conceptualizing and executing the strategy.

Skills Required:
• A BAMS degree with 3-5 Years of prior experience a must
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills a must
• An MD Ayurveda or Ph.D a plus
• Degree from R.A Podar or TISS a plus
• Admin of Facebook and Ayurveda groups preferred but not necessary.
• Education/Experience abroad preferred but not necessary.

About AyurConnect

AyurConnect wants to provide a platform where Ayurvedic doctors share their knowledge, best practices and treatment protocols with other Ayurvedic doctors and collaborate on research based, science backed initiatives in Ayurveda. The mission of our organization is to propagate Ayurveda in India and abroad so that users can find a natural and holistic way in treating their ailments and Ayurvedic doctors get a sustainable stream of revenue through new customers. AyurConnect is a Professional Network of Ayurveda Doctors. Vaidyas can access the best Ayurveda content, discuss medical cases and network with other Vaidyas from all around the world using AyurConnect.
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