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KinderTouch is a Delaware corporation with headquarters in Irvine, California and a growing presence in India. Our US and India based team has decades of software experience working with leading engineering and financial companies, universities, venture backed tech companies, philanthropic and research organizations as well as non-profits. KinderTouch offers the KinderTouch mobile platform that connects parents of young children age 0-5 worldwide with worldwide local centers that nurture them. Examples include day care centers, preschools, dance and music schools, etc. By connecting parents with caretakers and teachers, we are helping children worldwide have a better developmental experience. Visit our website to learn more – www.kinder-touch.com. Through partnership with its parent company - SimInsights - KinderTouch also provides game and simulation based learning software products and services to customers worldwide, such as UCLA, Texas A&M, Qatar Foundation, Kno (Intel), CK12, etc.
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